Saturday, January 30, 2016

Windows Phone reminds me of the old Apple

I recently gave up my Windows Phone (WP) and went back to Android. My main reasons are the typical ones that you hear from others that have done the same: lack of apps, no appealing phones, Microsoft developing their apps for other platforms, and so on.

This post isn't about all the reasons I left, it's just an observation about the state of WP. You see, I actually really liked WP. Apple phones have never been interesting to me, that's just a personal preference. I've had a couple Android phones over the years and they drove me crazy. Being back on Android after a few years away makes me remember how much I hate it. From the phone seeming to slow down more and more every week, to the battery lasting about half as long as my WP did, to the promised OS updates that never appear, not to mention the inconsistent interface between all the apps. It's a horrible experience.

This all reminds me of the Mac vs Windows debate 15-20 years ago. The Mac had the nicer, friendlier experience and interface but was missing out on apps (games) and market share. Windows was the market leader, even though it had a lot of quirks and wasn't as polished. Now, WP is in the same position Apple was in all those years ago. It's interesting how the better experience doesn't necessarily win.

I hope Windows Mobile does survive. Maybe the Universal Apps and Continuum features that Microsoft is touting will eventually make a difference. I think it's probably too late, but I really hope it does. I'd love to get free from Android again.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting Started

This is just the first post. I'm transitioning this site to a WordPress site. Stay tuned.