Monday, February 17, 2020

Bus driver hates on police

    Some bus drivers are talkative, some are silent. I had one that liked to announce every stop, including instructions for getting on and off the bus and then repeated the whole spiel over again. It was rather annoying, like non-stop talking. I much prefer the quiet drivers.
    One morning, I had a driver that was not having a good day. He was mildly complaining about things like the road and other drivers. Then we approached a stop light and a police car cut in front of him and stopped at the red light. This set Mr. Driver off and he started a whole tirade about how the police were ruining his life. His rant went something like this:
"Man, you guys are supposed to make traffic better, but here you go cutting in front of me and make me miss the light. Now I'm stuck here for no reason because of the police. Stupid police man, what you doing to me? Why you do this stuff to me? Oh... NO! Do not turn on your lights and drive through now. Arrrrggghh! I can't believe the police would do this to me. Now I'm stuck here for no reason. And you just drive off... No wonder traffic is so bad. You're supposed to make it better and you do this kind of thing? I can't believe it ..."
     Of course, all the passengers were silent, acting like this wasn't happening. Eventually, we made it through the light and the tunnel to the bus station. Mr. Driver only freaked out one more time when another bus cut him off near the entrance to the station. That caused a smaller rant about how people are ruining his life. I was happy to get off the bus that day.