Sunday, October 9, 2011

TweetDeck (Software Bliss 1)

    Rather than just having a series about software products I think have gone wrong, I thought I should add in a few articles about products that I think are great. I don't think all software is horrible, after all.
    One of my recent favorites is TweetDeck. It allows you to see all your Twitter and Facebook feeds in one application. This has made it easy to stay up-to-date with my friends. You can also post to both services at the same time. The service is handy, but there's a few features that make this piece of software truly excellent.
    First is that there is a Chrome version that you can run without having to install anything. You just add it to your App list in Chrome and off you go. New posts automatically appear, so you don't have to refresh your browser. Since I've been using Chrome as my main browser, this is a great option.
    They also have an awesome mobile application. I use the Android version, and it's just as good as the Chrome version. One feature I really like about the mobile version is that there is a yellow indicator inside that app that shows you which messages are new since you last launched the application. It's one of the few Apps that I actually run every day.
    I think the best thing about TweetDeck is that they let me see Facebook updates without logging into Facebook. I've been very confused and disappointed with the recent changes to Facebook and I really don't like to log in to their site anymore. With TweetDeck, I can still stay up to date and avoid the Facebook confusion.
    There are some sadnesses to the App. One is that my company has the site blocked so I can only use the Chrome version at home. I can still use the Android version at work. I think it's a good thing because I could get distracted if I had it open all day long. I try to just check the phone App in the morning and during lunch.
    The other sadness is that they don't have Google+ as one of the services you can connect to. I hope they add that at some point in the future as I'm starting to use Google+ a lot more than Facebook. This also isn't horrible for me because most of my friends send updates through Facebook now anyway.

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