Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Manly Man with a Fan

    We took the subway to the American Natural History Museum the other weekend. Since it was a Saturday, the train was rather crowded. Luckily enough, some people got off the train after a couple of stops and we were able to grab some seats.
    At one of the next few stops, a tall man entered the train. It was already crowded, so he barely fit inside the door before it closed. He then leaned back against the door to rest. He was a very manly man - tall, looked like he worked out, had long hair done up in a manly way, and he had a nicely trimmed mustache. However, to our surprise, he pulled out a pink fan - one of those cheap, fold-able, paper fans - and began fanning himself on the subway.
    This guy was secure enough in his manliness to pull out and use a cheap pink fan on the crowded subway. I solute you Mr. Man.

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