Monday, September 23, 2019

Oh! Chipmunk!

    Central Park is always an interesting place for people watching. Like this guy & gal who are biking around with their dog. That's not too strange, I would put my cat in one of those carriers if I thought he'd actually behave.
      But the tourists in Central Park can be dangerous. I had a couple miles left to finish out my century this past weekend and so decided to take a couple laps around the park. The tourists were a big problem. Many of them are on rented bikes that look very sturdy but a little clumsy. It seems like these people haven't been on bikes for many years because they're pedaling slowly and wobbling around in their lane (if they even try to stay in the bike lane). I almost crashed into a couple of them because they were just doing dumb things.
    The first one was this old guy who dropped a bag from his bike. That happens, but he looked down and back at it (while still moving forward) and then turned abruptly and slammed on his brakes. He stopped perpendicular to traffic, blocking two of the lanes. I did yell at this guy, but it was more of a "watch out" as I quickly dodged around him than anything angry.
    The next guy was more fun. He and his girlfriend were pedaling up-hill. Like others, they were going slowly and wobbling quite a bit. In this scary state, the guy saw a chipmunk cross the road in front of him. He decided to point it out to his lady, but in doing so lost control of his bike. He wobbled over and collided with her front wheel, almost knocking her over. Luckily, they were going slow so no one fell and got really hurt. Many people around just laughed at them.

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