Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Yummies

Don't know if I'll get to have an artist night this week, so I decided to make some Christmas treats today. Just because they make me happy. Not just that though, I'm going to take them to my family party today. Hopefully they will enjoy them. If not, at least I had fun making them.

The first ones I made are these Russian Tea Cakes. They are quickly becoming my favorite Christmas treat. They're really easy to make as well. Don't they look like little snowballs of goodness?

These are my other favorite Christmas candies - Chow Mein Chocolates. They're also very simple to make. My favorite part is that they're full of chocolately goodness. Yum.

Maybe I'll get to make some others this season, I still have other favorites to make. Like peanut brittle. Yeah, so exciting.

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