Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ideas from student employees

One of the more interesting things about my work is that I get to work with a group of student employees. It can be really fun. It's also really challenging at other times. I really appreciate some of the new ideas they share with me. Here's two of my favorites, if you have any other interesting ideas then leave a comment.

Root Beer Dreams:
One student said that if you drink root beer right before bed, then you'll have the craziest dreams ever. The only catch is that it has to be A&W root beer, other kinds don't work as well. When I heard that, I though "well, that's simple enough to try" so I bought a can of it on my way home. That night, I drank the whole can, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. And you know what happened? I had super crazy dreams! I don't remember exactly what it was, but I remember having a very vivid dream. That was odd because I don't normally remember having dreams.
So the theory seemed to work. However, it became a bad habit for me. I started buying root beer every Friday night so that I could have at least one root beer dream a week. It got worse when I realized that a 2-liter was more cost-effective than buying smaller bottles or cans. Then I had a lot more to drink, and I'm not really a fan of carbonated drinks.
Eventually, I realized it had become a bad habit and gave it up altogether. I'll give it a try every now and then when someone gives me a can, but I don't buy root beer specifically for the dreams anymore. It was fun while it lasted though.

Calcium Tablets:
There was a period of time where I was sleeping horribly. It lasted for over a month and I would wake up every couple of hours and had a difficult time getting back to sleep. One of my other students said that she takes calcium tablets to help her sleep and encouraged me to try it. I looked it up online and the theory seemed to have some validity. The suggestion was to get calcium and magnesium tablets because the magnesium helps with absorption of calcium. I wasn't totally convinced with the idea, but thought it wouldn't hurt to get a bottle and give it a try.
I was expecting the tablets to help put me to sleep. Unfortunately, the tablets didn't help me sleep any better. I still stayed up late and still woke up every few hours. Nevertheless, they did have an interesting affect. I didn't get any more sleep than I had been getting, but I realized that I didn't feel as tired the next day. It seemed that it made the sleep I was getting more effective. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I wasn't dying to get back to sleep. Also, I felt just fine the next day when I really did wake up for the day. So the calcium tablets seemed to help after all.
In the end, I passed out of my horrible sleep stage. I still take the tablets, hoping that they will help me sleep less and not feel tired. It doesn't have the same effect as it did back then, but I think it does help some.


  1. I don't often dream myself. But one of my friends once told me that she plans for her dreams. She will think about the things she'd like to dream that day and spend like 15 mins thinking about it right until she fall asleep. And it usually works for her. I've never given it a try though.

    I wish A&W is sold is Taiwan...

  2. I've tried to manipulate dreams by thinking about stuff before going to sleep, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Once in a while, I realize I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming and then realize I can do whatever I want, that's kind of fun. People say you can't do that because you'll wake up. But they also say you can't get killed in dreams and I've died many times...