Monday, October 11, 2010

Artist Night 3a - Writing

I had a unique experience Sunday night that made it so I got hardly any sleep. I had an idea for a story come into my mind and it wouldn't let me sleep until a few scenes had played out over and over in my mind. I should have taken the hint and started writing the story down, but instead I just jotted down some of the main scenes.

Monday came along and it was a horrible day. Work was fine, the people there were fine, it was just that I got even more scenes playing back over and over in my mind. Normally, that would be fine, but these scenes were actually terribly sad. Worse still, they got continually sadder throughout the day. I'm not normally an emotional person, but there were seriously a few times during the day when I really wanted to cry.

The fun part came Monday night when I couldn't sleep again because of even more ideas. I figured that if I couldn't sleep then at least I'd get something done. So I tried out another one of my artist night ideas and started writing the story out.

I wrote the first chapter of the story. I think it is horribly sad. The best part is, I know it will get even sadder as the story progresses. My goal is to make myself cry with this book, then I'll know I did something right.

It definitely needs work, and I don't think I'm ready for any kind of feedback right now, so don't ask to read it. Maybe one day you'll get to! For now, it was just a great artist night and I hope I can actually get some sleep tonight.

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